30/04/2024 | 2 min

Jihlava Project Wins 2nd Place with WR

The Jihlava VRT Terminal, designed with Wearrecho, secured 2nd place in an architectural and urban design competition!

MS architekti‘s proposal for the terminal impressed judges with its innovative design, featuring a new railway terminal, viaducts over the D1 highway, and seamless transportation infrastructure, all tied together with an inviting public space.

Wearrecho allowed architects to explore, test, and refine every aspect of the terminal’s architecture, materials, and public spaces. Its unique design capabilities in VR, especially with curved surfaces, made the design process smoother and more efficient:

WR -> Revit -> Renders

Congratulations to MS Architekti on this achievement, and thank you for trusting Wearrecho to bring your vision to life!