30/08/2023 | 2 min

EIT Jumpstarter Program

Exciting times are ahead as Wearrecho advances further in the highly competitive EIT Jumpstarter program, organized by EIT Manufacturing. Out of a remarkable pool of 621 ideas and companies from across Europe, we’ve navigated through the initial stages and are now on the cusp of reaching the third and final round of this prestigious program.

EIT 2023 jumpstarter

EIT Jumpstarter is a platform designed to foster innovation in the manufacturing industry, and Wearrecho is honored to be part of this remarkable journey. Over the course of our participation, we’ve had the privilege of engaging with a vibrant community of fellow entrepreneurs and industry experts, gaining insights, and refining our vision.

Our journey through the program began with a comprehensive assessment of our innovative solution. Having successfully cleared the initial rounds, we’ve recently submitted our detailed business plan—a pivotal step in this exciting adventure. Now, we eagerly await the next phase of selection, where about 10 other finalists will join us in the race for top honors.

At Wearrecho, we’re driven by a commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation in the architecture and construction sector. Our participation in the EIT Jumpstarter program underscores our unwavering dedication to this mission.

Stay tuned for updates on our progress, and join us in celebrating this remarkable journey of innovation and growth. Together, we’re shaping the future of both the manufacturing and construction industries, and we’re grateful for your continued support on this thrilling ride.