05/10/2023 | 1 min read

Wearrecho at CADfórum

Are you ready to embark on a journey into the world of cutting-edge design technology? We’re excited to announce that Wearrecho will be a part of the 20th annual CADfórum conference, a milestone event in the field of design and innovation.

Whether you’re familiar with our technology or discovering it for the first time, come and see how Wearrecho can elevate your projects and give you a new perspective on design:

What is CADfórum? CADfórum is a premier event tailored for professionals seeking deeper insights into the latest solutions from Autodesk and Arkance Systems. It’s a hub for everything related to design tools, digital prototypes, BIM projects, CAD/CAM, CAE, PDM/PLM technologies, and modern cloud tools. If you’re eager to collaborate with fellow experts and drive your organization to the forefront of design, CADfórum is where you need to be.

Join Us at Wearrecho Stand Don’t miss the chance to visit the Wearrecho stand. We’ll be there throughout the event, eager to show you how our innovative software is transforming the world of design and architecture. Our platform allows for intuitive VR modeling, real-time collaboration, and immersive visualization – all geared toward enhancing your design experience.