08/02/2024 | 1 min

Real Estate Visualization Project by Wearrecho

Discover the unparalleled efficiency and fluidity of the Wearrecho workflow, where VR modeling seamlessly integrates with architectural design, real-time collaboration, and real estate visualization. Immerse yourself in a transformative experience that elevates architectural processes, making them more intuitive, collaborative, and visually compelling.

VR modelling

At the heart of Wearrecho’s innovation lies its exceptional VR modelling capabilities. Step into a realm where architects can directly shape their projects, sculpting designs in a dynamic and interactive VR environment. This sets Wearrecho apart from other VR tools, providing not just stylized editing but robust modeling features essential for creative design. Architects can visualize and model their creations in VR, transcending the limitations of traditional design approaches.

Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration takes center stage in Wearrecho’s functionality, fostering a dynamic project development environment. Architects can collaborate globally, breaking free from the constraints of existing solutions. Unlike competitors such as The Wild and Arkio, Wearrecho offers realistic multiplayer VR combined with powerful editing tools, enhancing the collaborative aspect of the design process.

Seamless integration

Another distinguishing feature is Wearrecho’s seamless integration of Revit synchronization, facilitating bidirectional data transfer and enhancing workflow efficiency in architectural design and engineering. The VR output creatively merges with Autodesk’s BIM advantages, enabling parameter control, BIM data display, and the unprecedented ability for direct BIM element manipulation in VR. This integration proves pivotal throughout the design process, from conceptualization to BIM modeling, client revisions, and Real Estate virtual tours.

With a growing community exceeding 100 active users, including European universities, major architectural studios, and developers, Wearrecho is poised to become the industry standard. The current stable software undergoes continuous refinement based on user feedback, and the roadmap includes scaling up for broader accessibility beyond the Czech Republic.

In essence, Wearrecho’s workflow embodies the future of architectural design, where VR modeling, real-time collaboration, and real estate visualization converge to redefine the creative process. Immerse yourself in the Wearrecho experience and unlock a new dimension in architectural possibilities.

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