20/12/2023 | 1 min

EIT Jumpstarter 2023 – The End of Our Journey

We’ve returned from Athens, invigorated by our remarkable journey at the EIT Jumpstarter final event! Among the multitude of applicants, we proudly emerged as one of Europe’s top six teams. While the coveted top spot eluded us, the experience was truly invaluable.

Throughout the rigorous competition, we immersed ourselves in knowledge, fine-tuned our project, and established meaningful connections with brilliant minds from across Europe. We owe a sincere debt of gratitude to our dedicated team, especially our esteemed CMO Vladimir Timanov and our CPO Jakub Mazur, for their pivotal roles in our journey. Special thanks to the EIT Jumpstarter community and Patricia Paulina Karrer from EIT Manufacturing for her unwavering support and for her invaluable encouragement and guidance.

Yet, this journey marks just the beginning of our pursuit. Fueled by determination and inspired by the challenges we’ve encountered, we stand even more resolute in our mission to turn our vision into a tangible reality. With each hurdle overcome, we grow stronger and more prepared to face the opportunities that lie ahead. The EIT Jumpstarter final event was merely a stepping stone towards our ultimate goal—to make a meaningful impact and drive positive change in our industry and beyond.

EIT Jumpstarter 2023: Wearrecho's CMO and CPO
Our presentation during the EIT Jumpstarter finals

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